Soft drinks producers in France have agreed to cut sugar content in beverages by 5% in 2015. 

The Syndicat National des Boissons Rafraîchissantes (SNBR), France's soft drinks producers trade body, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food over the pledge.

"The aim of the agreement is to decrease sugar in drinks (in natural form or as sweeteners) by bringing on to the market products which are less sweet while at the same time encouraging the consumption of drinks without added sugar," a statement issued by the Ministry said.

SNBR's members have also made a commitment to no longer advertise on TV or via the internet during periods where more than 35% of audience are children under 12. 

The SNBR brings together such names as Refresco Gerber, Orangina Schweppes, Coca-Cola Enterprises, the Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo. They represent more than 80% of the French
market in terms of value and volume.