Wine fund could boost innovation and marketing

Wine fund could boost innovation and marketing

A report commissioned by the French government has called for a national fund to promote French wines abroad and support research and development. 

Financed equally by the public and private sector, the fund would provide EUR23m (US$30.6m) annually over five years.

The report, which focuses on the future of France’s wine sector, was submitted this week to agriculture minister Bruno Lemaire.

As well as funding, the report also supports halving the number of trade bodies so that there is only one for each of France’s ten main wine regions - Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy-Beaujolais, Champagne, Cognac, Côtes de Rhône, Languedoc-Roussillon,  Loire Valley, Provence and South-West.

It also recommends that a single body represent wines without a geographical indication. 

The Government wants fewer wine trade bodies in order to simplify France's image on the world wine stage.

Lemaire will discuss the report's recommendations with the industry in the coming weeks.