Foster's and Lion Nathan have both announced plans to cease production of RTDs with a high alcohol content and energy additives from their portfolios.

The Australian companies said that the move was a response to "community concern" and Foster's added that it plans to "voluntarily cease manufacturing and marketing alcohol beverages containing 'energy' additives such as caffeine and taurine".

Foster's said: "In addition, the company has formally committed to a voluntary limit of two standard drinks (20 grams of alcohol) per single-serve container and 7% ABV across its RTD product portfolio".

Mirroring this, Lion Nathan also plans to take "immediate steps to cease production of energy RTDs and will also set a voluntary limit of two standard drinks per single serve RTD container".

Foster's Australia, Asia & Pacific managing director Jamie Odell said: "We believe strongly that the real issue is not bad products, but rather poor drinking behaviour. However, we also acknowledge community concern that higher alcohol and added-energy RTDs may be particularly vulnerable to abuse."

Lion Nathan Australia managing director Andrew Reeves added: "We have been in discussions internally, as an industry and with government on a range of proactive measures to tackle misuse. This represents one step in a holistic programme to encourage a responsible and sustainable drinking culture."