The new logo for Fosters Group. Click through to see the new logo for Carlton United Brewers

The new logo for Foster's Group. Click through to see the new logo for Carlton United Brewers

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Foster's Group has changed the name of its Carlton & United Breweries unit to Carlton United Brewers.

The company, which demerged its wine and beer businesses in May, said earlier today (29 July) that the name change reflects its “belief in community, in people, in the occasions where beer helps bring people together”.

'Breweries' has been changed to 'Brewers' to “better reflect CUB's people”, as opposed to the buildings in which they work. Foster's has also unveiled the slogan “Raised in Friendship” to go with the new name. “If more people raised a beer in friendship,” the company said, “the world would be a better place”.

Updated logos for both Foster's and CUB have been launched and can be viewed, right.

"We are fortunate to be able to build our business on the foundation of Australia's strongest beer brand: CUB,” said Foster's chief executive, John Pollaers. “I want us to stay focused on being not just a great beer company, but the best beer company, and the beer company loved by Australians.”

Last month, Foster's rejected a takeover bid from SABMiller.

Carlton & United Breweries was formed in 1907 when Foster's Brewing Company, the Victoria Brewery, the Carlton Brewery and three other Melbourne breweries merged.

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