Foster's Group has launched two new wines in Australia with reduced calories and alcohol.

The Lindemans Early Harvest wines contain 8.5% abv, compared to 12% to 13% in standard white wines, and contain 30% fewer calories.

The wines, a Crisp Dry White and a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, were described by Foster's today (15 February) as "crisp and refreshing" and are made from grapes harvested at an earlier stage of ripeness, resulting in lower sugar levels and therefore less alcohol production during fermentation.

"Although we realise consumers are now more careful about how their alcohol consumption fits in with their healthy lifestyles, we were very careful to make sure the drinking experience for Lindemans Early Harvest was still as enjoyable as any other Lindemans wine," said Lindemans chief winemaker Wayne Falkenberg.

Foster's said that two 150ml-glasses of Early Harvest contain the same number of kilojoules as a 354ml-bottle of full-strength beer.

Meanwhile Foster's is expected to launch an "environmentally friendly" beer in the country next month, dubbed Cascade Green, following Lion Nathan's launch of the "carbon neutral" Barefoot Radler.