Foster's has lined up an addition to the Australian mid-strength beer market.

The Australian drinks company confirmed today (30 April) that VB Midstrength Lager will be available nationwide, and will target Australian men, a category in which, the company says, "drinking habits are changing".

"The fact is midstrength is the second fastest growing beer segment and the second largest," Foster's said. "Simply put, there is plenty of demand for lower alcohol beers but currently a limited brand selection."

"VB is a much loved Aussie beer and icon and we always consider any brand developments very carefully," said a spokesperson for VB. "We're really excited that with the introduction of VB Mid, drinkers can now enjoy their favourite beer in a midstrength variety. But importantly if a midstrength beer is not your thing, you can still enjoy the trusty green can - rest assured, it's not going anywhere."

The 3.5% abv beer will be available nationwide from tomorrow, in 375ml bottles and cans, with a 24-bottle case of VB Midstrength retailing at between A$31 (US$25.68) and A$34.

The addition is VB's first mainstream extension.