Font Vella will not withdraw its eponymous brand from the market following accusations from consumer lobby Facua that its packaging deceives consumers about the product's quality.

"We will not withdraw our product," an official with the Spanish bottled-water company told just-drinks.  "Facua's interpretation of (Spanish food) law is different from ours and we are not doing anything illegal." He would not comment further.

In a statement, Facua ordered Font Vella, owned by French food major Danone, to withdraw the product from Spanish shelves before 1 July. Font Vella has engaged in false advertising, it argued, by claiming its water comes from the Font Vella spring in Girona, Spain, when it actually stems from the Siguenza spring in the town of Guadalajara.

Spanish food-safety regulator AESA says water brands cannot use a spring to inspire their brand name if the product is not sourced there. Citing an AESA water-market decree, Facua said Font Vella must recall the product by the deadline given
AESA could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Font Vella official, who asked for anonymity, said the regulator "has not ordered us to do anything."

The water from the Siguenza spring is substandard to Font Vella, according to Facua.