Russian consultancy Stas Marketing Partners and Croatia's Adriatic Distillers have joined forces to create a premium vodka brand destined for Central and Eastern Europe.

The vodka's brand name, Akvinta, is a rough latin acronym for aqua (water), vino (wine), and quinta (five). The 'five' concept derives from a five-filter process with five components and, in a marketing ploy by Stas, the opportunity to "enjoy with the five senses".

The spirit will be launched next month in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy, and uses pure waters of rural Croatian mountain idyll, Imotski.

Adriatic Distillers CEO Pavel Ryabov said: "The expertise and creative approach of Stas Marketing Partners has been central to developing an outstanding product that reflects our key corporate values of excellence and enjoyment."

Adriatic Distillers is aiming for a 3% share of the total Eastern European vodka market, with Stas Marketing Partners to support the brand as operational consultant.

Andrei Stas, founder and managing partner of Stas Marketing Partners, said: "The upturn in the premium vodka market coupled with Akvinta's fresh image of clarity and craftsmanship promises a strong foundation for the success of our latest brand."