Cameron Family Glass Packaging has completed a deal allowing it to build a glass plant manufacturing glass exclusively for the wine industry.

The company said yesterday (30 May), that the US$109m project will be located in the Port of Kalama, Washington and not only the largest eco-friendly wine bottle manufacturing facility in the world, but also boasts to being the first glass plant to be built in the US in 30 years.

The glass-making facility will be built and running by the end of 2008, opening up at least 90 jobs on site, according to the company.

Located in the Port of Kalama, Washington, the eco-friendly plant will have a hydro-powered electric furnace and will operate by utilising the north-west waterways of the Columbia River.

Donald Cameron, who spent the last three years researching the wine industry, said: "Our furnace, which is the largest electric glass furnace in the world, allows us to minimise the impact on the environment because there are no harmful emissions. By comparison, similar facilities operate furnaces that are powered by fossil fuel, which produce harmful greenhouse emissions and are subject to the ever-rising price of natural gas."

The company has also said that the wine bottles will be made at least in part from recycled glass and plans to recycle all water used during the glass-making process.

Cameron Bottling Co. was formed in Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1889.