James Bond purists may be shaken by the news, but 007 is to change his brand of vodka for the forthcoming film Die Another Day. In something of a coup Brown-Forman's Finlandia Vodka brand has signed a seven-figure deal, which partners the brand with the new film.
Although Bond will not actually ask for a Finlandia directly " he does order a vodka martini and it is Finlandia," said Scott Reid, global marketing director for the brand. "One of the great scenes in the movie features an ice bar and the whole bar is stocked exclusively with Finlandia vodka."

Brown-Forman isn't paying directly for the product placement, but it has agreed to spend additional money on advertising and promotions connected to the movie.

"This is a great opportunity for Finlandia Vodka. James Bond is only associated with the best things in life: the best cars, the best women, and the best vodka," said Reid.
Finlandia will be involved in an array of activites leading up to the flim to promote the partnership. There will be point-of-sale materials, print ads, billboards and posters tying up the 007 logo and the movie title.