The Danish brewer Carlsberg has said that Erwin Flückiger, the CEO of Feldschlösschen Beverages Ltd, a Swiss subsidiary of Carlsberg, has taken  his own life. Erwin Flückiger was 48 years old and unmarried.

Nils S. Andersen, President and CEO of Carlsberg, expresses his deepest  sympathy with Erwin Flückiger's family and the employees of Feldschösschen, who have lost a highly esteemed colleague and inspirational leader. Members of the Feldschlösschen management team are deeply shocked by the news.

In a statement the brewer said: "Carlsberg finds no reason to believe that the death has anything to do with the state of the company. Under the management of Erwin Flückiger, Feldschhlössen has experienced a major turnaround and shows excellent performance."
Feldschlösschen, which is the largest brewery in Switzerland was acquired by Carlsberg in November 2000. Thomas Metzger, finance director and deputy CEO will until further notice take ower as acting CEO.