Remy Amerique, a unit of France's Remy-Cointreau, this month launched The Famous Grouse Malt Whisky in Chicago, Boston and Denver. It will be available nationally by September, said Mark Izatt, Remy Amerique's malt whisky brand manager.

The 10-year-old whisky, which has an average retail price of US$29.99 per 750ml bottle, is already sold in the UK, Taiwan and The Netherlands.

The product is a vatted malt that includes whiskies such as The Macallan and Highland Park, but it is not considered a blended Scotch because it contains no grain whisky.
"The best word to describe (vatted malts) is 'blend,' but of course you can never use it," he said. "The challenge for us is to get as many people to taste it as possible. People are just gravitating toward it."