A Chilean winemaker has launched the first Fair Trade wines into the US.

Vina Lomas de Cauquenes has unveiled two brands, Melania and Taborga, both of which have been available since January in Florida.

Melania has recently added six states and three countries to its distribution network, while Taborga is now moving nationally, the winemaker said today (11 July).

Lomas de Cauquenes is one of only two wineries in Chile certified by FLO Cert GmbH in Germany with the Fair Trade status. "This certification has heralded significant support by the international community, mainly in the EU, and has increased retail sales significantly," the company said.

The brands' US importer, C&C Imports, was founded in January 2005 in Miami, Florida and is based on a co-operative agreement with Lomas de Cauquenes.