Australian wine exports reached new records in calendar 2001 with the with highest ever recorded sales by volume and value and the biggest increase in any previous year, according to Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation figures.

Volume rose 21% over the previous calendar year to 375m litres while value increased by 19% to A$1.76 billion (US$880m). There was, however, a 1.5% decline in the average dollar per litre value of wine exported in 2001.

Two thirds of the extra 64 million litres sold in 2001 was still red wine with the other third being for still white. Both bottled and bulk shipments grew.

The UK and US continue to be the principal markets accounting for more than 80% of the increase and 70% of the total volume and value of overseas sales. New Zealand was the third biggest market by volume and Canada by value. Somewhat curiously, France emerged as Australia's strongest growing market but the Corporation suggested this might because France was a trans-shipment point for other European final destinations.

Being figures for the full year, the statistics also suggest that any impact of the September 11 attacks were absorbed by the general buoyancy.