Over 460 wineries were set up in California last year, according to the latest edition of the Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer's Guide.

The state saw 465 wineries sprout up within its borders in 2006, taking the total number of wineries to 2,116.

The 2007 Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer's Guide said the US wine industry is growing at "an explosive rate" with the umber of wineries in states including Washington, Oregon and Colorado on the rise.

The number of wineries in Canada also rose, with some 128 added this year, the figures show.

"As consumer interest in wine increases and wine regions throughout North America improve their grape growing and winemaking techniques, more people are naturally gravitating toward the wine business," says Chet Klingensmith, publisher of Wines & Vines magazine and the Wines & Vines Buyer's Guide.

"There are wineries in all 50 states now, and annual winery sales revenues in the US have reached a staggering US$11.4bn."