North America's only single malt whisky producer, the Glenora Distillery, in Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island is using its "first and only" status to sell Glen Breton Rare Canadian whisky at high prices.

The distillery which maintains authentic Scottish traditions by using imported Scotch barley, and Scottish-made copper casks, released 1,000 cases of its first release of whisky in 2000 retailing for CAN$75.

A release of 1,200 more cases, the last 20 cases of that second release sold at CAN$150. The first 300 bottles produced at the distillery were numbered and half have been sold from CAN$300 upwards, with the first bottle priced at CAN$50,000, (as yet unsold).

With an annual production capability of 250,000 litres per year, Glenora is releasing only 15,000 cases of upcoming batches worldwide per year to keep profit margins up.