eVineyard has acquired WineBuyer.com, the industry's first online B2B marketplace linking licensed alcohol beverage buyers and sellers. The acquisition, announced today by Larry Gerhard, president and CEO of eVineyard, will enhance eVineyard's B2C business while laying the groundwork for expansion into the wine B2B space.

Last month, eVineyard announced its first B2B play, the acquisition of the rights to publish and market Restaurant Wine, a subscription-based newsletter targeted to the on-premise market with over 2,000 subscribers in the United States and abroad. The rights were acquired with the appointment of Ronn Wiegand, MS, MW as chief wine officer.

"The connections that WineBuyer.com has established in the wholesale wine industry give eVineyard a set of tools that complement our existing platform and supplier relationships," said Gerhard. "Improving our inventory management through strengthened wholesaler partnerships will enable us to offer our customers consistently efficient service and an even greater selection of wines."

eVineyard's assertive expansion demonstrates the company's commitment to furthering its leadership position in Web-based wine retailing. As the only multistate licensed online wine retailer, eVineyard is an integral part of the nation's established three-tier system for the sale of alcoholic beverages. The WineBuyer.com acquisition will enhance eVineyard's relationships within that system, which will help build its B2C business. In 2001, continuing on its track toward profitability, eVineyard will take advantage of WineBuyer.com's equities to broaden its e-business scope with revenue-generating advances into the B2B arena.

John Boone, founder, chairman and CEO of WineBuyer.com, has been named vice president of business services at eVineyard. Boone noted that the acquisition "expands eVineyard's access to the wines its customers seek while giving distributors an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the market access provided by eVineyard's virtual storefront. It's a perfect match."

About WineBuyer.com

WineBuyer.com, based in Palo Alto, Calif., was developed by seasoned technology and industry professionals to help automate and streamline B2B sales efficiencies between wine wholesalers and retailers.

About eVineyard

The only multistate licensed online wine retailer and the leader in the B2C wine market, eVineyard legally serves wine buyers in 25 states -- more than 70% of the United States market for off-premise premium wine sales. With its seven current logistic centers and the imminent opening of three additional centers, eVineyard will serve 75% of the market in 28 states.

eVineyard offers a selection of over 5,000 domestic and imported premium wines and has exceptional features such as online education, promotions and loyalty programs, sweepstakes events, a wine club and free shipping with purchases over $25. eVineyard's superior selection and delivery capabilities have led to growth averaging more than 150% per quarter since launch. The company expects to achieve profitability in 2001.