The European Union's (EU) travel industry council claims assurances from the European Commission that EU airports will stop confiscating duty free drinks from air passengers taking connecting flights within Europe commencing in the US and Canada from October.

The pledge emerged in a meeting between newly-appointed EU transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani and European Travel Retail Council president Frank O'Connell. The ETRC wants a deal, because the US Transport Security Administration recently approved the use of Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEBs) in US airports, that supposedly allow passengers to carry duty-free liquids though any airports that recognise them.

The Commission is staging ongoing negotiations with Canada on the same subject.

O'Connell later welcomed the Commissioner's "proactive and positive approach", noting that the security-related confiscations of airport duty-free "remain a serious problem and cause considerable frustration for passengers and loss of revenue for airport retailers".