Energy drinks are facing scrutiny in Russia

Energy drinks are facing scrutiny in Russia

Energy drinks containing alcohol could be outlawed in Russia after a bill was introduced in parliament, according to reports. 

The bill calls for a ban on the “production and sale of energy drinks in whose composition there is alcohol, between 1.2 and 12 proof, and caffeine”, Russia Herald reported, citing media reports. The bill, backed by the governing United Russia and opposition Just Russia parties, flags the potential “harm” to young people, which it says are the “main consumers” of the drinks. 

It also claims that more than one energy drink a day is harmful because each beverage contains more than the maximum recommended daily dose of caffeine, it was reported. 

Chechnya moved to ban the sales of energy drinks to under-18s in 2011, on the basis they are "un-Islamic".

In the US, energy drinks and health concerns related to them have come under the spotlight in recent months, with the Food and Drug Administration investigating reports citing drinks in relation to fatalities.