As predicted by, the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Council has decided that all energy drinks containing caffeine will, with almost immediate effect, be required to carry health warnings.

In future warnings on energy drinks must be clear and legible and notify consumers of the caffeine content. They must also include: "This food is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women or individuals sensitive to caffeine."

The legislation which comes into force in just three weeks time clears the way for the Australian production of such beverages, which until now have been imported from or made in New Zealand. A decision which, according to Tony Gentile, chief executive of the Australian Soft Drink Association will double the market in the next two years to around A$300m (US$151m).

"We are happy to comply with these warnings as they do not appear to be unduly prescriptive. A supplementary proviso is that where drinks contain ingredients such as Taurine, which may be harmful in large amounts, a written warning must state that repeated doses may be harmful," said Gentile.

Global Sports & Energy Drinks Report 2000