Figures published in Zeniths 2011 Global Energy Drinks report

Figures published in Zenith's 2011 Global Energy Drinks report

Global energy drinks consumption climbed by 14% in 2011, according to the latest report from food and drink consultancy Zenith International.

Figures from the company's 2011 Global Energy Drinks report, published yesterday (15 February), showed consumption amounted to 48bn litres in 2011, with growth over the last five years averaging 10% per year. Value rose by an average 13% per year, reaching EUR26.5bn ($34.62bn) last year.

Global energy drinks market 2007-2011

Energy shots consumption has more than doubled from $2bn in 2007 to around $4.70bn last year, the report noted.

"Energy drinks remain the most dynamic segment in the soft drinks market, with strong growth in most countries," said Zenith's market intelligence director, Esther Renfrew. "This is testament to its combination of both fun and functionality."

The top ten consuming countries of the 57 covered by the report included the US, Vietnam, China, the UK, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Global energy drinks by region 2007-2011

North America remains the leading region, with 36% of global volume in 2011, followed by Asia Pacific with 22% and West Europe with 17%.

By 2016, Zenith estimates, global market consumption will have jumped by 35% to 6.5bn litres.