Producers of energy drinks in Thailand are to join together in protest against government plans to restrict advertising of their products in the same way as they plan to restrict alcohol advertising.

The Thai cabinet decided earlier this week to introduce a ban - effective from the beginning of October - banning TV and radio advertising of alcohol and energy drinks between 5am to 10pm.

The manufacturers of brands such as Kratingdaeng, Red Bull, M150, Carabao Dang and the Advertising Association of Thailand are forming a united group to lobby to force a change in the plans. The group wants to persuade government health advisors to alter their guidance that energy drinks are detrimental to health and consumption of them should be limited.

Red Bull Beverage, which produces both the Kratingdaeng and Red Bull brands, yesterday expressed regret at the government's stance. Sathit Sathirarindh, marketing manager for Kratingdaeng, said the producer group would meet with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 7 August to discuss the issue.

Sathirarindh pointed out that in some countries the same drinks are regarded as health drinks and said that if the government is concerned over caffeine intake, it should introduce similar restrictions on other drinks containing caffeine including coffee.