US-based drinks company Axle has launched an energy drink specifically targeted at motor sport and racing fans in the country.

The company said yesterday (21 January) that the drink, Axle Fuel 'Bag-in-the-Box', contains ingredients including Vitamin B12, C, Caffeine, Taurine, and Glucoronolactone and leaves no aftertaste.

Axle founder Al Samson said that Axle Fuel "produces very little waste due to the fact one three-gallon 'bag in a box' is equivalent to 18 gallons of canned energy drinks, or 18 cases or 422 cans providing for a huge savings and profits".

Samson added that, this year, the company aims to introduce the energy drink in re-sealable 20oz plastic bottles and 8.4oz cans and has focused its efforts on selling its products directly to racetracks and other off-trade locations.

In an effort to reach its targeted audience, Axle added that it plans to enact promotions offering consumers the chance to win tickets to high-profile motor sport events in the US and overseas.