The Edrington Group has lined up the launch of the fifth and final Ambassador's cask from its Highland Park Scotch whisky brand.

For the final edition, cask 8,845 was chosen, the company said today (25 November). The 34-year-old 'special edition' was filled on 17 July 1974 and has been stored for three decades at the Highland Park distillery in northern Scotland.

Gerry Tosh, global brand ambassador for Highland Park, said: "I was really drawn to this particular cask and wanted to bottle it as the curtain call which would mark the success of our Ambassador's series."

The first Ambassador's Cask was released in 2005 and sold out within a few months, the distiller said.

"The recent expansion of the Highland Park range to include both 30-year-old and 40-year-old has been tremendously received by whisky connoisseurs all over the world and we have decided to stop releasing aged Ambassador's casks after this fifth and final instalment," added Tosh.

Only 228 70cl bottles will be launched, at a cask strength of 41.5% abv. Each of the Highland Park Ambassador's Cask 5 bottles are packaged in a wooden box and are available at the Kirkwall distillery and online for an RRP of GBP249 (US$375).