The Edrington Group has announced an agreement with workers at its bottling plant in Glasgow. The company, which produces the Famous Grouse, and the GMB union announced today that a settlement has been reached to end the industrial action being taken by GMB hourly-paid workers at the company's bottling plant and warehouses at Great Western Road.

The resolution to the wage dispute followed talks at the plant involving senior management and representatives of the GMB, headed by Harry Donaldson, regional secretary.

An agreement has been reached around a three-year deal, comprising above-inflation wage rises and an associated guarantee of employment, plus the creation of 41 new permanent jobs.

An Edrington spokesman said: "We are delighted an agreement has been reached that allows all of the company's employees to work together and resume normal business."

Harry Donaldson, regional secretary GMB, said: "Following exhaustive talks over the last few days, agreement has now been reached around a three-year deal which provides our members with income stability, and employment security over the next three years. The creation of 41 new permanent jobs has been welcomed by the GMB. This agreement will provide the platform needed to drive the business forward, recognising the valuable role which our members will play in this process. Working together will be the cornerstone to future success."