Snack food company Dunkin' Donuts has released its smoothies range in the Mid-Atlantic region, including New York and Philadelphia.

The smoothies were introduced to the New England market in April, in a brand repositioning following the company's acquisition by a consortium of global private equity firms consisting of Bain Capital Partners LLC, The Carlyle Group and Thomas H Lee Partners LP.

Dunkin' Donuts vice president of marketing John Gilbert said: "Dunkin' Donuts' Smoothies directly address our consumers' need for a quick, healthier snack alternative they can drink on the run. Smoothies are quick, convenient and affordable - anytime of day or night."

The smoothies are made from yogurt and real fruit, in Wildberry, Mango Passion Fruit and Strawberry Banana flavours.

The US smoothie industry currently serves 296m servings a year with sales representing US$1.2bn.