Dublin Dr Pepper is accepting donations “of any level”

Dublin Dr Pepper is accepting donations “of any level”

Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Dublin has launched a legal defence fund in a bid to fight a lawsuit filed against the company by Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG).

In June, DPSG accused Dublin Dr Pepper of violating its licence agreement. The soft drinks firm filed a lawsuit claiming the Texas-based soft drinks bottler is selling the Dr Pepper beverage beyond the six-county territory stated in its licence agreement.

As a result, Dublin Dr Pepper has said it is accepting donations "of any level", and is offering brand memorabilia for contributions over US$50. The company said it has received an initial donation of $25,000 from The Dublin Industrial Council.

"We've been extremely proud and overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to support us," said Dublin Dr Pepper's president and CEO, Bill Kloster. "Our customers treasure our product and recognise that we're a small business that's been drawn into an expensive fight against a corporate giant."

The case is Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc v Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Dublin, Texas, No. 4:11-cv-00398, in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Sherman, Texas.