David Sherman Corporation (DSC) and Pearl Spirits have signed a joint venture which will see DSC produce, sell and market the Canadian brand Pearl Vodka in the US, Canada and Australia.

"We are excited to add Pearl to our brand portfolio.  It is a spectacular product and a brand that is highly marketable and has great potential for growth within the premium vodka category," said Donn Lux, president of DSC.

"David Sherman Corporation's experience and resources are the perfect match to propel Pearl Vodka to its full potential. We are proud to have the brand associated with DSC," said Patrick Silvagnia, president and COO of Pearl Spirits, Inc.

Analisa Blakley, previously the DSC group brand director, will become the Pearl brand director responsible for sales and marketing the brand in conjunction with the DSC sales force throughout the country.

Pearl Vodka is available in 1.75L, 1.0L, 750ml, and 50ml sizes.  Pearl's original coconut flavored LoCoco Vodka is available in 1.0L, 750ml and 50ml sizes.