A drinks trade body in Ukraine has proposed a minimum price for vodka in the country, according to local reports.

The Union of Alcohol and Tobacco Wholesalers (SOVAT) has proposed to the Ukrainian government that it introduce a floor of UAH11.15 (US$) per half-litre bottle of vodka in the country, the Ukrainian National News Agency reported yesterday (13 November).

The news agency said that the association set the price for vodka with an abv of 40% minimum.

A 'lowest price' for spirits had been in effect in Ukraine up until 2005, the agency said, although this was disbanded "to harmonise a domestic legal framework in line with WTO requirements".

A minimum price for vodka would stem the rise of counterfeit and illegally-made versions of the spirit, SOVAT has suggested.

The proposal has received the backing of the country's Ministry of Agricultural Policy, which has drawn up a draft law setting a lowest retail value for all spirits in the Ukraine of UAH46.63 per litre of 100% abv equivalent.