Drinkaware Trust, the industry-backed responsible drinking charity, is in expansive mood under its new chief executive.

The charity, which comprises both industry and non-industry representatives, is searching for a new web editor and a communications officer in order to expand its work.

Last week, Chris Sorek was appointed as the group's new CEO, following the acrimonious departure of Jean Collingwood earlier this year.

Sorek's appoitment comes as Drinkaware looks to rebuild its reputation within the industry and raise its profile outside.

Some drinks industry figures had privately begun to question whether the money being given to the charity was being put to the best use in the push to promote responsible drinking among consumers.

Collingwood's departure was surrounded by speculation about disputes on the Drinkaware board of directors.

Sorek said, following his appointment last week, that the UK drinking culture is "the defining issue of our time".

Drinkaware has been more proactive this autumn, launching a campaign targeted at "home binge drinkers" in October and yesterday joining the government in launching its Christmas drink driving campaign.