UK responsible drinking charity Drinkaware has launched what it describes as the largest interactive examination of the nation's drinking.

The campaign will detail live events in the city centres of London, Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham, and a 'What's the nation drinking?' project targeting 25-44-year-old drinkers, the charity announced today (1 December).

Visitors to the Drinkaware website will be invited to take part in a national survey to find out more about the nation's drinking habits over the Christmas party season.

A revised version of the online Drinkaware unit calculator will allow users to calculate how many units are in their favourite drink, compare their drinking to the rest of the nation and see how their calorie intake from alcohol fares against other festive food treats.

All the data collected from the project will be collated and reported by Drinkaware in early 2010.

Chris Sorek, chief executive of Drinkaware, said: "December and the festive season are a natural time for friends and families to come together and the aim of our initiative is to examine whether people know what and how much they are drinking over December in comparison to the rest of the year."

The campaign launches online from today with the city centre events going live on 10 December.