A drink targeted at insomniac Americans is set to be released in California.

Dreamerz, a milk-based beverage with melatonin and lactium, is available in the north of the state.

The drink is available in three flavours, chocolate s'nores, vanilla van winkle and crème de la REM, and retails at US$2.59 per eight-ounce serving and $7.49 for the 32-ounce serving.

"Sleep is as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise, but too many of us aren't getting enough - and there is a lack of efficacious and natural product options for people worried about the side effects of pharmaceuticals," said Amanda Steele, founder and CEO of Dreamerz Foods.

"Dreamerz fills this gap by allowing people to treat themselves to a delicious dessert drink that helps them relax and fall asleep naturally."

The range will be available from Northern California Whole Foods Markets and online from the company's website.

Now a stand-alone company, Dreamerz was founded as a unit of Brand New Brands, a food and beverage incubator led by William Rosenzweig, co-founder of Republic of Tea, and Pete Mattson, founder of the Mattson Group.