Dransfield Food and Beverage Holdings Limited (Dransfield), a Hong Kong-based company, and Marketing 2 Merchandising, Inc. (M2M) of Melbourne, Florida, have signed an agreement to import British and Chinese malt beverages to the United States. The agreement is the first step in establishing a global e-commerce business-to-business alliance that will eventually reach beyond malt beverages.

Dransfield, an affiliate of DF China Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: DCPCF), owns Redruth Brewery, the third oldest brewery in the United Kingdom, and Yixing, a sister brewery in Jiangsu Province, PRC.

The agreement calls for Dransfield to contract brew controlled-label malt beverage products for sale to M2M's US clients. Imports are the fastest growing segment of the US malt beverage market.

Marketing 2 Merchandising, Inc. is pioneering a new business model within the highly regulated US malt beverage industry. M2M's portal and platform, M2Mclick.com, allows the company to coordinate the production, marketing, shipping, wholesale distribution, retail merchandising and promotion of the products that M2M is licensed or contracted to market on a global basis. Through M2Mclick.com and the company's field force of trade marketers, M2M offers a single-source solution for the entire process of developing, marketing and merchandising malt products on a large scale.

According to Kurt W. Krause, president and chief executive officer of M2M, "Dransfield has all the qualities we have been looking for in a UK alliance: quality products, brewing capacity, proven history and research and development ability."

Alex Tse, Dransfield's chief executive officer and master brewer, said, "M2M will not only provide Dransfield with time-saving solutions to eliminate industry inefficiencies, it also offers the essential merchandising services we need to grow our products into recognized brands in the US."

Dransfield Food and Beverage Holdings Ltd. is an affiliate of DF China Technology Inc., formerly Dransfield China Paper Corporation. DF China Technology Inc. is engaged in multiple business ventures with Dransfield Holdings Limited (DHL), a Hong Kong-based investment holding company (HKSE: 632) with interests in paper and related personal products; logistical services; and food and beverage. DHL is also a major shareholder of DF China Technology Inc.

Marketing 2 Merchandising, Inc., based in Melbourne, Florida, is a specialist marketing and distribution company in the malt beverage industry.