The UK's historic liqueur brand Drambuie has undergone an image makeover.

The brand, created in 1745, has been revamped to attract younger consumers in the UK's increasingly crowded spirits market.

The updated pack design uses a bolder font for the Drambuie name, which is depicted in two colour tones - red shadowed by black. A second marque has also been created for use on or off pack that is more abstract in form, creating a silhouette of the label.

The label retains the original Drambuie crest and gold detailing used in the existing design. The bottle is completed with a new neck label in graduated red and black. The image overhaul was carried out by UK design agency Design Bridge, who created the existing pack design eight years ago.

Drambuie marketing manager Miranda Rennie said: "In research it became very clear that the iconic packaging of Drambuie is of great importance to both existing and new consumers - we were emphatically told they would not want to see a revolutionary new design.

"Although the consumer may initially only notice a little difference in the updated design - the clearer branding and descriptors, to the cleaner red neck label - goes to make up a much improved design for Drambuie to be introduced to a whole new generation of drinkers."
The updated design is being rolled out throughout Europe and the US and can also be seen on new TV and print ads.