Details of the new range extension for the Dr Pepper brand, which is thought to have been in development for some months, are likely to emerge today. Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc., part of the Cadbury Schweppes group, is expected to announce that it will roll out the new flavour, to be called Red Fusion, from mid-July.

The new launch will be the first new flavour to be added to the Dr Pepper range in its 117-year history. A few details have already emerged but the company is remaining tight-lipped about the exact composition of its new drink.

Red Fusion, it says, has a variety of fruit flavours with a hint of Dr Pepper. The new drink also contains caffeine. It is to be sold in 12-packs of cans and 20-ounce and 2-litre plastic bottles. Although it is technically an extension to the brand, the Dr Pepper name is not thought to be very prominent on the label.
"The consumer is reaching out for variety, and you need to listen," said Doug Tough, chief executive of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, adding that Dr Pepper bottlers were eager to offer another product in the line.
Dr Pepper's move comes as both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are launching range extensions for their core brands in a bid to enliven the CSD market and find some growth in a becalmed sector.