Dr Pepper is poised to seal a deal with the city of Dallas, according to local press reports. The Dallas Morning News said yesterday that the beverage is ahead of Coke and Pepsi to supply all vending machines on city property.

In an unofficial vote on Monday, the paper said, City Council members unanimously supported the staff's recommendation to award an exclusive contract to the Cadbury Schweppes subsidiary. The official vote is today (15 September).

The council rejected a 10-year, US$9.2m contract with Pepsi last week, asking the beverage firm to rebid, the paper said.

Dr Pepper's five-year offer - an upfront payment of US$3.5m plus commissions and US$50,000 per year in community support - stood out. Pepsi's upfront payment ranged from US$400,000 to US$450,000, while Coke's was US$750,000. But Pepsi and Coke would give the city higher per-drink commissions, the paper noted.