Dos Equis and high definition channel Mojo HD are joining forces to create an original series together inspired by the brewer's 'Most Interesting Man in the World' ad campaign.

To air in September, the series, hosted by Shanon Cook, will travel to "exotic and unusual" locations to film five half-hour episodes, the brewer said today (12 June).

Dos Equis' ad campaign is based around the insights and lifestyle of The Most Interesting Man in The World, a charismatic, fictional spokes-character.  Last month, Dos Equis announced that Steve, his fictional assistant "died tragically in the course of his duties". 

Throughout the year, Dos Equis will search for his replacement through in-bar events, online, print and radio.  The Mojo program will complement the campaign as it travels worldwide to discover candidates who possess those rare qualities that could make them eligible for the position.

Led by Cook, potential assistants will engage in a number of entertaining challenges - testing their intelligence, physical endurance, patience, social graces and good humour, in order to find a replacement for Steve.

"The Mojo HD series is the perfect extension of The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign," said Kheri Holland Tillman, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis. "The series will bring to life the character and core attributes of the Dos Equis MIM campaign, so our consumers will have the opportunity to engage with the brand in a new way. We are taking an all-encompassing and through-the-line approach to the campaign this year, and the Mojo HD program is an innovative and exciting component."