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Dopff & Irion's Double Impact 

Category - Wine, Alsace, Riesling/Pinot Gris blend, 12.5% abv

Available - From now 

Location - Europe, Canada; off-trade 

Price - EUR9.95, CAD18.95 

Distribution - Varies, but Bellwether Wines in the UK

Alsace producer Dopff & Irion has launched a Riesling and Pinot Gris blend called Double Impact. 

The 12.5% abv wine is being heralded as a departure for Alsace producers, most known for their single varietals. The first vintage to be released will be the 2011. 

"The production of varietal wines is a relatively modern development in the history of Alsace, and by blending the fresh and mineral Riesling with the rounder, fuller Pinot Gris we have created a harmonious wine of exceptional balance and finesse," said Dopff & Irion MD Frédéric Raynaud, who is also head of the company's parent group Chateaux & Terroirs. 

Double Impact's "distincitve" and "modern" sky blue bottle design is aimed at 25-35 year-olds, he added. 

The product's launch into exports markets was officially announced at Vinexpo in Bordeaux this week.