Don Sebastiani & Sons is repositioning its two largest volume brands in the US, Smoking Loon and Pepperwood Grove, with the launch of "dramatic" new designs for their packaging.

The Smoking Loon label will comprise a bold logo against a yellow background as the focal point. The loon stamp has been sized down and the detailed border at the top and bottom of the label has been redesigned to "add depth to the overall look".

The Pepperwood Grove label will continue to feature green tones to "preserve its brand identity", but its logo will be refreshed with the addition of copper foil. "International Wine Negociant" will be added to the front label to credit its sourcing of fruit from global appellations.

"These are our two most established labels, each has broad distribution, and each has made millions of consumer impressions," said company marketing director Donny Sebastiani. "With respect for each brands' established identity, we were careful to integrate many of the familiar design elements of each."

In addition to the updated labels, both brands' retail feature price points will move up by about a dollar in most markets, the company said.

The new wines are expected to begin appearing on US shelves this month.