Domestic sales of Australian wine registered a slight slip in April, according to recent figures.

A report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, released today (6 June), showed that sales of Australian wine in the home market in April were down 1.3% on the month prior. Year-on-year, however, sales were up by 1.2% to a seasonally adjusted 37.3m litres.

Exports, however, reported a marked decrease, down 8.8% for the month in April to an unadjusted 64.6m litres. In the 12-month period to the end of April, exports totalled 793m litres with a value of A$2.8bn, a 12% rise in volume and 3.9% lift in value on the corresponding period a year earlier.

In February, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation forecast that this year's Australian wine harvest would be 33% down on 2006, thanks to a severe drought and frost in late 2006.