Dolly Thursday has attacked the Coca-Cola Co. in a newspaper advert. The Brazilian discount soft drinks brand brought its campaign against Coke to a new level yesterday by running a newspaper advertisement in the Wall Street Journal accusing the company of "anticompetitive" practices in Brazil.

In the advertisement, published in the front section of Thursday's paper, Dolly asks Coca-Cola's board of directors to investigate and "take urgent measures regarding the alleged anticompetitive actions taken by Coca-Cola" in Brazil. Dolly has also threatened to take Coke to court.

Dolly has made numerous allegations against Coke in the last three years. Allegations have ranged from corporate espionage to sabotage. The main contested area has been the allegations that Coca-Cola helped distribute e-mails saying that Dolly causes cancer.

The company also claims to have a copy of a videotape showing a former executive of Coca-Cola bottler and distributor Spal/Panamerican Beverages, allegedly admitting to the strategy.
Antitrust authorities in the country agreed in September to open a preliminary inquiry into the matter.

Coca-Cola sells around 50% of all the soft drinks in Brazil.