Virgin Drinks has secured distribution deals in several key US markets.

Virgin Fusion Water is to be launched and distributed in Southern California by the Haralambos Beverage Company; in Northern California through the Seven-Up bottling company; in the Northeast through Atlas Distributing Inc., the Farrell Distributing Corp., the Lesco Distributing Co and Snapple Beverages of Boston.

In addition, Virgin Drinks has deals with the Western Beverages Distributing Co in Colorado, Metro Beverage in Chicago and Refreshment Services in Dallas.

"We continue to add top tier distributors daily as the momentum behind this new product builds," said Bob O'Brien, managing director of Virgin Drinks USA.

"We are very pleased with the reception Virgin Fusion Water has had at distributor level, as well as with the trade," said vice-president of sales, Jim Smith. "In addition to the convenience store channel, this new, healthy product opens many different channel opportunities for the company such as schools, health food stores and fitness venues."

Virgin Fusion Water which has a proprietary 20oz. Hot-fill PET bottle with a smooth, tight fitting label will be launched in five flavours: Raspberry Tea, Lemon Cherimoya, Peach Feijoa, Grapefruit Lulo and Tangerine Mango.

And a consumer rollout has been planned in key distribution markets to take place between March and June.