Distells Nederburg 56 Hundred Pinot Noir

Distell's Nederburg 56 Hundred Pinot Noir

Distell's Nederburg 56 Hundred 

Category - Wine, South Africa, Pinot Grigio (12.5% abv), Pinot Noir (13% abv)

Available - From now

Location - UK; off-trade, Tesco  

Price - RRP GBP7.99

Distell has added a new range to its Nederburg wine portfolio. 

The 56 Hundred label includes a 12.5% abv Pinot Grigio and 13% abv Pinot Noir, which has launched at Tesco stores in the UK. Distell said the wines have been developed with UK consumers in mind. 

The Pinot Grigio is described as "a crisp wine with a touch of fruit and a fresh, lingering finish". The Pinot Noir is "a soft textured, light and fruity red wine bursting with strawberries and cherry flavours, laced with spice", according to Distell. 

The new range is targeted at "existing Nederburg drinkers" and also aims to recruit new consumers to the South African wine category, the company said. 

Distell is also launching a new UK TV ad campaign for Nederburg next month. 

In full-year results, reported yesterday, the company saw sales rise by 13%, while net profits jumped by 40%