Distell has lined up a larger sized offering of its Savanna cider brand in the UK.

The South African company said yesterday (12 October) that the introduction of a 500ml bottle version of the cider is in response to retailers in the country requesting uniform sizing in the off-trade cider market.

"There was definitely a call amongst some of the leading supermarket chains for the 500ml size," said Anthony Mills, head of marketing across Europe for Savanna. "Savanna was only too pleased to 'act locally' and produce an additional bottle size if that is what the UK market demands. The larger size, in some cases, is likely to be decanted from the bottle before drinking, but still served chilled and with a slice of lemon."

The 500ml variant will complement the current 330ml packaging, which has also been the subject of a recent revamp. Distell also said that a 12-pack 'Chill Pack' of 330ml bottles has launched in the UK this month. The offering has a rigid plastic lining which can be reused.