Distell has appointed Don Gallow as its new director of international operations, in place of Etienne Heyns who left the company two weeks ago.

Gallow, who has 20 years with Distell and Distillers Corporation, prior to its merger with SFW, is responsible for strategic marketing and distribution throughout the world, including Africa, in which he foresees greater opportunities for the company.

"I am still catching my breath after attending a number of conferences last week, but we definitely have plans to increase our footprint throughout the world in terms of our wine portfolio and Amarula Cream liqueur.

"We have offices in Sao Paulo, New York, London and Singapore, looking after those various regions and we intend stepping up a gear in terms of our aggressiveness in these regions.

"There are tremendous opportunities opening up in Africa and we have a few plans in the pipeline in the countries to the north of us," he said.