A campaign designed to educate UK consumers about the EU's Protected Designation of Origin status has been launched by producer bodies, including those for Burgundy wine and Port.

Nearly a third of UK consumers aged between 25 and 55 told a YouGov survey last November that they were more likely to spend more on food and drink carrying EU Protected Designation of Origin status.

An alliance of producer bodies, including Port, Burgundy and Parma ham, released the survey results at a promotional event for their Discover the Origin campaign in London today (14 January).

PDO status, which is also enjoyed by regions such as Champagne and Rioja, means that only products made within those areas and in-keeping with specific production rules can use the name.

George Sandeman, vice president of the Port Institute (IVDP), told just-drinks that producers needed to raise consumer awareness.

November's YouGov survey also revealed that more than half of UK consumers would prioritise price over a PDO seal, a result the alliance blamed on the credit crunch and also lack of awareness.

Paulo Russell-Pinto, marketing chief for IVDP, told just-drinks that the producers' alliance aimed to build consumer awareness over the longer term. "Results [of the campaign] will ultimately be measured in sales, of course, but this is not a result that we anticipate for the next three years."