Volumes of wine shipped direct to consumers in the US increased in the 12 months to July by 7.2% compared to a year prior, a new study has shown.

Shipment values also increased, by 10.3%, in the same period, outstripping growth in the wine retail sector, according to the report from ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines Magazine, released this week. The winery-to-consumer direct shipping channel is now worth US$1.35bn, the report said without giving comparisons, and makes up 8.6% of the US wine retail market.

“The importance of the direct-to-consumer shipping channel for wineries can’t be underestimated,” said president of ShipCompliant Jason Eckenroth. “Based on this report, that importance continues to grow as more wineries augment their other distribution channels with the high margin sales that come through the direct shipping channel, as well as build their brands and establish important relationships directly with individual consumers.”

The report also found that Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay accounted for about 60% of wines shipped in the period with California, Texas, New York and Florida providing 54% of shipments. Napa wineries accounted for half of the value of the direct shipping channel, but only one-third of the volumes, the report found.

The study, which can be viewed and downloaded below, was compiled using transactions put through ShipCompliant's compliance platform and Wines & Vines Magazine's database of US wineries.

A study released last month showed that wine consumption in the US increased by 3% last year.

Direct-to-Consumer Shipping Report