Click through to view Diageos new "spirit drink"

Click through to view Diageo's new "spirit drink"

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Diageo's J&B Urban Honey 

Category - “Spirit drink”, Scotch, 35% abv 

Available - From next month

Location - Spain, on- and off-trade

Price - In line with J&B Rare, which costs about GBP20 (US$33) in the UK

Distribution - Diageo

Diageo has entered the Scotch-based “spirit drink” category with the launch of a honey-flavoured whisky under its J&B brand.

J&B Urban Honey, which will only be available in Spain, follows last month's launch from Pernod Ricard of Ballantine's Brasil, a “lime-inflused” Scotch-based spirit drink. Announcing Urban Honey today (27 March), Diageo described it as “J&B Scotch whisky infused with honey” that will "open up the category to a new generation of men and women".

Under rules from the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), flavoured Scotch cannot be categorised as Scotch whisky because the SWA claims it may “confuse” consumers. Diageo said it has clearly labelled Urban Honey as a spirit drink and used a different label from its parent J&B brand “ensuring compliance with SWA guidelines”.

J&B global brand director Dougal McGeorge said: "The rapid growth of flavoured spirit drinks made J&B a natural choice for us as we looked to drive innovation."

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Diageo launches a new Spirit Drink based on J&B Scotch Whisky

Diageo announced today that it is to launch J&B URBAN HONEY, a new Spirit Drink based on J&B Scotch Whisky, which has been designed to open up the category to a new generation of men and women.

J&B URBAN HONEY is a 35% ABV Spirit Drink made from J&B Scotch Whisky infused with honey and is a characterful drink that creates a balanced and smooth liquid.  The taste has been created to be distinctively fresh when consumed neat, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail.

J&B URBAN HONEY is clearly labelled as a Spirit Drink on its front label, while also differentiated from the parent brand with the use of a honeycomb pattern, a city skyline illustration and a prominent ‘bee’ illustration, ensuring compliance with Scotch Whisky Association guidelines.

Since its creation, J&B Scotch Whisky has been a bold and innovative brand with a witty, playful edge.  As Dougal McGeorge - Global J&B Brand Director - explains this has been fundamental to the development of the new Spirit Drink:  “Creation of J&B URBAN HONEY is true to the urban roots of the J&B brand and its reputation for re-invention in the whisky category. The rapid growth of flavoured Spirit Drinks made J&B a natural choice for us as we looked to drive innovation.”  



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