Click through to view Diageos Blossom Hill Smooth and Spicy red, Fresh and Juicy white

Click through to view Diageo's Blossom Hill Smooth and Spicy red, Fresh and Juicy white

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Diageo's Blossom Hill Smooth and Spicy red, Fresh and Juicy white

Category - Wine

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade

Price - Not specified, available in 75cl bottles

Distribution - Percy Fox

Diageo has lined up two new wine variants for Blossom Hill in the UK through its Percy Fox division. Blossom Hill Smooth and Spicy red and Fresh and Juicy white are rolling out across the UK off-trade this month.

The two expressions have been launched after the division conducted consumer research into taste and how consumers choose wine according to style. The new products “will help drive new consumers to the category by offering a broader range of tastes”, Percy Fox said.

Back in March, Diageo lined up a Summer-long marketing push for Blossom Hill in the UK.

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Blossom Hil is extending its bestselling ‘Classics’ range with the introduction of two new flavour variants – a fresh and juicy white wine and a smooth and spicy red. 

The Blossom Hill Classic Soft and Fruity Red and Crisp and Fruity White wines are the UK’s number one selling branded red and white wines and are growing at 1.1%# and 9.3%# respectively. 

The new flavour extensions will help drive new shoppers to the category by offering something to suit a broader range of consumer tastes. Both new products deliver the Blossom Hill philosophy of easy taste enjoyment – with accessible flavour profiles and easily identifiable packaging cues.

The new lines have proved to be highly incremental to both the brand and category during trials, growing the total Blossom Hill Classic range by 30% - with sales of Smooth and Spicy Red being 100% incremental to the brand#.

Liz Ashdown, brand marketing manager, Blossom Hill at Percy Fox & Co., comments: “Consumer research tells us that wine style is very important when making a selection in-store. Having a taste that consumers will enjoy is the number one driver of wine purchase with two thirds of consumers using wine style as a way of identifying the wines they know they will like#.”

The new launches will be supported in-store through extensive POS which will focus on communicating the taste of the new wines to help consumers make informed choices in-store and drive base sales.

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