Diageo has been granted approval by Europe's highest court to continue selling its spirits in bottles using UK measurements.

The conflict began after Schutzverband der Spirituosen-Industrie, a German association that monitors spirits industry legal compliance, took issue with the sale of Diageo's Bailey's Minis brand, available in what it considered to be an illegal bottle size.

Diageo argued that preventing the sale of these bottles would be against the principle of the free movement of goods within the EU and has been supported by the Greek government and the Council of the EU.

"We are pleased about the outcome of the European Court's decision, this proves that our arguments around the principle of free movement of goods within the European Union was correct. This decision has no major impact on our business in Germany nor in other markets," a spokesperson from Diageo told just-drinks today (4 October).

The news follows last month's announcement from the European Commission confirming that it would no longer make the UK and Ireland to go fully metric by 2009.